Will Windows 8 Be Another Vista?

wallpaper-windows-7-3dMicrosoft’s latest launch Windows 8 Operating System is thought to be following in the footsteps of Windows Vista. The main reason behind this is that Windows 8 is not receiving as many positive reviews and popularity as it was expected. There are several factors behind this and one of the most important is that Windows 8 is considered to have departed such a long way from the most loved and well known features of Windows.

The introduction of a whole new range of functions and features is thought to have caused a digression too far from the original Microsoft theme. Since Windows XP, which was the biggest hit for Microsoft at that time, Microsoft has launched three new operating systems, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, leaving aside the upgrades. Among these Windows Vista suffered the most consequences and is considered one of the greatest failures in market share for Microsoft. But with the introduction of Windows 7 the problem was solved and its popularity and market shared surpassed even Windows XP. But then Microsoft launched the Windows 8 with a brand new look and almost a different approach. But the problem is the market is not ready for it yet and with some of the greatest changes in features and functions it seems to be following the footsteps of Windows Vista. According to the present figures, Microsoft might have got stuck in a loop of getting success with every other release.

Among other factors it is also important to note that the release was too soon. Most of the corporate sectors which have just completed upgrading to Windows 7 are not ready to upgrade again so soon. This is undoubtedly a setback for the new operating system which is trying to improve too much and too quickly than its predecessor. Another important factor is that Windows 8 specializes in touch based features and functions. The problem is Windows 8 is too much based on Touch screen features which are not quite popular with the regular users. Laptop users cannot use the touch screen features and desktop PCs do not have touch interface. This narrows down the user ratio to a very minimum level.

The new user interface is also another matter which came under heavy review. It is developed mainly for touch screen users. The sliding mechanism might be good for Tablet users where there is a small screen but with a 17 to 24 inch monitor the feature is mostly redundant. Though it can be useful for tablets and tablet convertibles, for the wide range of regular desktop users and mostly laptop users, they cannot make use of all the features Windows 8 has to offer. The user reaction is almost similar to that of Windows Vista when it came with a whole new approach and even with new systems people used to downgrade it to Windows XP. Similar instances has been noted in case of Windows 8 as well where people preferring to downgrade their systems to Windows 7. So, to some extent it is fair to say that indeed Windows 8 is going to be another Vista. But the time is not ripe yet to make a sweeping generalization.

However, on the plus side there is some good news as well. The market share of Windows 8 is rising and according to the market statistics it has already crossed that of Windows Vista. Windows 8 has already reached 5.1 percent in market share with Windows Vista only 4.27 percent. However, according to the latest market scenario, Windows 7 still holds the biggest share in the market with 44.37 percent and next to it is Windows XP with 37.17 percent. Therefore, according to the statistics Windows 8 has already crossed the threshold of Windows Vista but is unlikely to catch up with Windows 7′s popularity any time soon.

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  1.  avatar Sean IT guy says:

    Yes, windows 8 was unveiled way too soon. I don’t know what they were thinking but everyone i know has downgraded back to 7, far better in my book, even more so that xp. guess we have to wait for one after windows 8 :)

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