Remote Computer Repair

remote serviceToday, most families have one or more members who are computer literate and help friends and family with their different gadgets. The parents of baby boomers are beginning to become familiar with computers and they need help updating software, installing programs, or working out a glitch. Computer literate relatives may live too far away to help. But with the help of remote computer repair it is still possible to get help for your loved ones.

Remote computer repair or computer repair via the internet is an effective and hassle-free way to maintain your PC. When you understand how it works you do not need to take your computer in to a local repair shop for help. All you need is your computer turned on and connected to the Internet.

A remote technician is allowed through the Internet to access your computer, just as if he was sitting in front of it. He can make repairs while you are watching and even while you are sleeping. You have control over your PC and can easily end the remote session at any time. Without bringing your computer to the repair shop, the technician can perform repairs and maintenance. And if you don’t want your work to be interrupted, the repairs may be done off-hours.

The remote access is obtained through a small software which allows a secured connection between two computer with one computer having the control to operate the other one. For this to work, the same software must be installed in both the computers. Once you have installed the software you will have to give permission to your technician to log into your computer and operate it remotely. This is generally done through a unique access code generated by the software to identify and allow access to your computer. After this is done your technician will get complete access to your computer with your permission and can administer repairs.

Once the connection is made and the technician has access to your computer you no longer need to stay in front of the computer and are free to engage in some other work. This saves a lot of time and energy and you also have complete control over the remote session. If you wish you can end the session any time you want. Therefore, it is the best option for repairs and regular maintenance. Apart from this if you don’t want your work to be interrupted; the repairs may be done off-hours. It also works out to be less expensive than traditional repairs and maintenance.

However, there are certain limitations to remote computer repair because the remote technicians cannot install or re-install operating systems and cannot fix hardware issues through this process. The technicians can only do any operation that a normal user can do while logged into the system.

It is so convenient to make use of remote computer repair because it can help and assist you with the regular maintenance of your Remote-Computer-Repair-Services-300x199computer as well as software installation and virus/malware removal. Start-up configuration, disk cleaning can be achieved to improve the performance of your computer.

There are several companies that offer remote or home computer assistance. There are those who offer one-time services and others who offer regular maintenance. Whatever your choice is, it is a convenient and pain-free way of getting help for your computer at home.

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  1.  avatar lucy says:

    thank you for this guide. I’ve found remote repair to be a godsend since i am a complete technophobe and who wants to lug it to the shop every time there’s a slight problem. i just wish they’d invented it 10 years ago

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