5 Most Common Computer Problems And Fixes

Computer-GeekIf you’ve used a computer for any period of time, it is inevitable you will run into one of these common problems. Millions of fellow users will have shared in the pain and frustration of not knowing what to do or even where to start. After all, you aren’t fluent in computer jargon so how can you be expected to make any sense of the technical mumbo jumbo you are presented with. Well below are the most common problems encountered by computer users at some point sooner or later.

1. Why Is My Computer Running So Slow?

This is the single most common complaint that crops up time and again and is also one of the easiest to fix. Most likely, you have downloaded so many data and programs onto your computer that you have used up too many resources and/or disc space to execute commands properly. Even if your computer says you still have 10 megs of disc space left, you will find it helpful to avoid filling up all your space to the hilt. You computer needs at least 500 meg to 1 gig free and preferably more to operate smoothly

2. Why Does My Computer Reboot Without My Permission?

If your computer is guilty of rebooting itself over and over, seemingly at the most inopportune times, this is commonly a problem with the cooling fan inside. Your computer has a built-in temperature trip switch that is activated automatically to protect it from overheating and ultimately failing. Should your cooling fan start accumulating too much dirt, it cannot do its job properly leading to overheating and an auto-reboot attempt to cool itself faster. A little cleaning of the fan should solve the problem. You will need to dismantle the computer yourself or take it to a specialist. if the fan is not the issue, it may be that your cables are not attached properly to your computer so double check everything is tightly fit plugged in.

3. I Cannot Connect And/Or When I Can It Is Super Slow.

First of all you should try to make a habit out of clearing out all your cookies and temporary internet files as these can easily be forgotten about and can get enormous in size. In your Windows search bar, type temp and you will be able to select all files and delete them. You will find many are not deleted as they are necessary for your operating system but the ones that are should bring about a marked improvement in your internet speed. Otherwise make sure your ip address is correct and check your wi-fi password has not been updated. It may also be an issue relating to your server or gateway firewalls. Make sure they are not blocking http requests from your computer.

4. Why Am I Getting A Blue Screen

The blue screen aka The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is usually an ominous sign because although quite common, it is usually an BSOD_2indicator of something quite serious. It is basically a last resort protection mechanism that kicks in by your computer to save itself from imminent and permanent failure. If you’re lucky the BSOD might just be a hardware driver issue solvable by a simple reboot but oftentimes you will need to do some further troubleshooting to really narrow down the cause of the error. Try typing in any information that the error gives you such as error code into a search engine and you will see most of the time the issue has been encountered numerous times before and a step by step solution is available. Failing that you will need take it into a professional as remote assistance is not possible.


5. Why does my default home page and/or search engine keep changing to something else?
In this case your computer has picked up some spyware which is essentially hijacking your computer. You may have inadvertently clicked an email or perused some dubious social media link which has now allowed spyware to inject java script into your chosen browser. The script  instructs your browser to change user settings. In this case you do not need to rush out and hire a professional. If you have a good virus scanner or adware/malware removing software, you should find that running it will detect the malicious code in question and give you the option to remove it. Should it be a particularly new or stubborn spyware strain, then try performing a System Restore from a point in time you know was before your homepage was changing. System Restore will not delete any work you have done in the time interval, only reverse whatever software you may have mistakenly downloaded

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  1.  avatar Gill Preston says:

    yes i hate it when these things take over my laptop. I never know where they come from. You’ve got to be so careful opening any attachments these days. thanks for the tips!

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