Benefits of Outsourcing IT Service Management

With the development of technology, IT is now a vital part of almost any business. The system of the company must always run properly in order to ensure a smooth flow of the operation. Any problem in the system could delay work and this could mean money loss on the company. Aside from hiring people to form the IT department of the business, outsourcing IT companies is now becoming more and more common. A company offering IT service management takes care of the connectivity needs of the business remotely. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing this service.

Cost Effective

Hiring a firm to manage the IT needs of your company would save you more money because you don’t have to hire people for your own IT department. Hiring in-house employees would require training and up-training, which can be time consuming and expensive. You also need to consider the hiring process, which can eat up your time and would also require cash.

More Flexible

These companies can easily adapt to the needs of the business they are supporting. In case your business expands or there are things that need to be changed in your IT process, they can adjust their system to meet your needs.

Expert Service

The employees of the IT management company are experts in this area. As mentioned, they are trained and experienced in this line of work. You can be sure that you’ll get the help that you need and that problems would be fixed immediately to avoid disruption of work.

Focus on Other Important Things

Since these experts are the ones who take care of your IT system and needs, you can focus on other things that matter most in your business. An in-house IT department is still part of your company. You may still be needed in case they need to do some decisions. This is the area of specialty of the outsourced IT management company so they would know how to take care of every area of the IT system.

Updated Software

You don’t have to worry about expensive software updates since these companies always have them and it’s part of the service they provide.

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Email Marketing Basics for Lawyers

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a sales message that is received directly by a user, through their email account. Traditional marketing techniques such as television, radio and print take a spray and pray approach. Meaning you put your marketing message out, and hope that it reaches people who are actually interested in it. Whereas with email marketing, you are communicating to people who are only interested in your message.

How does email marketing work?

First, businesses collect email addresses from potential or current customers. This is usually done by some type of contact form located on a website. At some point you have probably signed up for some type of giveaway on a website. It could have been for a price quote, contest prizes, or the most frequent lure an E-book. This was all an attempt to acquire your email address so the business could marketing to you in the future.

Once they have your email address, the business usually has a marketing campaign setup on an autoresponder. An autoresponder allows you to schedule predefined email messages that will be sent to the user after sign up. For example, as an attorney could have an offer such as “5 things to ask an attorney before hiring them”. An email could be preset up which emails the user with the requested information, as well as answering them for themselves. Then a few days later another email could be sent asking them if they had any further questions or for details of their potential case. It is follow up contact like this that moves potential prospects down the sales funnel and turns them into paying customers.

How can a law firm get started with email marketing?

First, you need to find a service or software than can handle building your list of contacts. Aweber, Campaigner, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, iContact, and Benchmark all offer these services. They will allow you to collect emails, and they will assist you in sending out your followup emails. However, they will charge you a monthly service fee for their services. It is for the reason that some law firms choose to purchase their own email marketing software such as Interspire. These generally come with a one time fee and allow you to handle your collection and follow-up emails on your own. While there if a bit of a learning curve with this method, most of these companies offer great customer support to help you accomplish your goals.

What types of emails can my law firm send?

Introductory Emails: These are emails introducing yourself and your law firm. They should be friendly while remaining professional. Making the prospect feel at ease while showcasing what your firm can do for them is the key to success here.

News and Announcements: These emails inform the reader of things going on in your organization. Maybe it was featured in a magazine interview, or you won some type of award. There is no better way of informing people of these types of accomplishments, than directly in their inbox.

While email marketing takes some time, effort and cash. It is one of the best and most cost effective ways to acquire and retain customers. Following a little research, you will be up and running in no time. Good luck!

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