Remote Computer Repair

remote serviceToday, most families have one or more members who are computer literate and help friends and family with their different gadgets. The parents of baby boomers are beginning to become familiar with computers and they need help updating software, installing programs, or working out a glitch. Computer literate relatives may live too far away to help. But with the help of remote computer repair it is still possible to get help for your loved ones.

Remote computer repair or computer repair via the internet is an effective and hassle-free way to maintain your PC. When you understand how it works you do not need to take your computer in to a local repair shop for help. All you need is your computer turned on and connected to the Internet. Continue reading

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How to Protect Yourself While Using the Internet

3866161-male-customer-service-representative-at-the-office-with-computerA great feature of the Internet is the ease of accessibility to a vast online world, but this can be a double edged sword. While users are given the convenience of checking out any topic under the sun, they are also exposed to the possibility of being infected – by a computer virus. This technical glitch can wreak the same damage that its clinical counterpart can cause, maybe even worse. Viruses have been known to disrupt entire business operations and cause millions of dollars in damage to business owners and entrepreneurs. Continue reading

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Must-Try Marketing Techniques

In a nutshell, marketing is described as the process of communicating the worth of a service or product to clients, buyers or customers in general with the main purpose of selling such service or product. For the past years, the internet has played a major role towards marketing techniques and methodologies and until today, internet alongside other technological methods are still on the lead. Whether or not you’re highly knowledgeable on this aspect, your business will surely strive as long as you apply effective marketing techniques and maintain a great service or product quality. But what methods can you choose from?

Content marketing

This is by far the biggest and most used marketing technique today. Content marketing basically works by providing quality content to the public that is related to your business and is linked to your website. Generally, there are many forms of content marketing such as case studies, videos, articles on business-related sites, and more. The picture behind business-to-business content marketing is to build a strong name and gain trust by connecting to other businesses of the same field and at the same time, highlighting your own business.

SEO and social media

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing aim to provide relevant and updated information to the public. With the right SEO techniques applied on your content, you can easily acquire a likable spot on these search engines. That will then pose a domino effect since popular and reliable content are often shared on social media, which means your quality article that leads to your website will further spread on Facebook, Twitter and other similar sites.


With a thorough description found on ScriptToScreen, direct response marketing or DRM is another form of marketing technique that focuses on a wider scheme rather than the internet alone. Through this, the buyer will directly contact the service provider or product seller, whichever path you’re on, and the communication starts from the marketing method. Aside from the internet, it also includes media like radio and TV, mail, telemarketing, print advertising and more.

A business doesn’t stop at having enough cash and being able to build your own website or perhaps acquire your own office. In fact, it’s only the start of a long journey, and one way to make that journey worth taking is by applying efficient publicizing techniques. 

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Advantages of Being Technologically Updated

Technology is one of the fastest evolving aspect of today’s world. Gadget companies release new versions of their products more frequent than ever, unlike many years ago that you have to wait for a long time before an updated version will be released. While this is a great benefit to all, many people find it difficult to catch up with the latest tech trends. That is why I decided to share my nerdiness to you guys. Writing about the latest gadgets is something I personally enjoy but more than that, providing tips and gadget assistance is also another aspect I love. Why? Simply because there is so much more to gadgets that’s worth knowing.


Mobile upgrading is becoming a trend these days. Selling your old mobile phone to purchase a new and updated one – that’s basically how it works. But for Windmobile, a different approach called cell phone plans is what they’re pursuing. This allows you to maintain better communication with your friends and loved ones since you don’t have to deal with prepaid payments, which in many angles, a lot hassle compared to post-paid ones.

Advanced wiser skills

Apart from mobile phones, computers and software also have their fair share of frequent upgrading. If you’re eager to know the basics on the latest computer trend, you can easily delve into profitable aspects like working from home, using efficient software, working on projects easier than ever, and the like. It would also be easier to improve all computer-related tasks you’re currently doing when you know what’s going on and what’s available in the field of PC.

Sealing generation gap

Let’s face it, guys… There’s a big generation gap we’re facing today that needs to be sealed. And one way to do so is to educate yourself about today’s generation. Keep up with business techniques by knowing what’s hot and what’s not. How come this company get to offer something so unique and beneficial? Perhaps they utilized the latest technology offspring to know what their target market needs. And perhaps, it’s also what you should do to provide exactly what your target market needs. All these boil down to knowledge on technology.

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Maybe Testosterone Replacement Therapy is Needed for Energy to Do More Work

Testosterone Replacement TherapyThe problem that so many people have with working on computers and other forms of tech is that the process of trying to fix things can be so strenuous. There’s always that risk of pain and stress that comes with trying to manage one’s computer.

These issues are common among many men as they struggle to try and get their computers to be a little more functional and sensible. However, it can be tough for some people to work on the projects that they love to work on because of such common issues like low testosterone.

How Does This Relate?

Think about it for a brief moment. Let’s say that your computer was running with 4 GB of RAM but it could only pick up 2 GB. That could easily harm the production in your computer and make it work slowly. This could prove to be a real hassle that keeps you from being as productive as you want to be.

Now let’s say that you have half the testosterone you usually have. So maybe that might not be the best way to compare things, but the fact is that if you don’t have the testosterone in your body that you do require then you will not be as productive as you want to be.

The fact is that your body may not be able to produce as much testosterone as it used to later on in your life. This can keep you from feeling as active as you want to be. However, you can get something new to work in your body to make it easier for you to feel better about yourself and less likely to struggle with hormones.

Therapy May Work

Testosterone replacement therapy Miami at is often used by men who want to get more out of their bodies and to be more likely to feel healthy. It is frequently used to help people learn how to live again as they will feel more energetic. Testosterone will be replaced through medications, patches, gels and other materials to help improve one’s ability to keep this critical hormone up and running within one’s body.

The reason why so many techies venture for therapy is because the technology of such a therapy is effective on its own. It works well to protect the body by utilizing dosage solutions to get directly into the body without much effort being required in the process of doing so. It all has to be made well to allow anyone to feel more active and less likely to struggle with fatigue when trying to do things.

Other Benefits

While male hormone replacement therapy Miami through can make it easier for a man’s body to feel more energetic, it is also capable of helping a man’s heart. You want to be around for the latest changes in technology, right? You’ll have to take a look at hormone replacement therapy to help you get a healthy heart. People with more testosterone are known to have fewer cardiovascular risks.

This could be to your advantage as you will be less likely to struggle with your body wearing out. You’ll have more energy in your life to work on your computer and other things if you use male hormone replacement therapy procedures. This is all to enhance the quality of your body and to make it easier for you to avoid problems that often come with your hormones. Be sure to consider talking with a doctor about your testosterone as you may end up benefiting from a treatment procedure to enhance the quality of your body and to get the energy you need for all that computer work.

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Always Use Hosting Discount Codes When Buying Domains or Hosting

If you are a computer nerd like I am, then surely you buy your share of domain names, and website hosting packages. When you do, you want to make sure you always use a “hosting code” for signing up for these services. By using these hosting codes you will ensure you are paying the lowest possible price on the hosting package you choose.

Click Here

Website hosting discount coupons are a prominent feature of today’s web hosting scene. Many of the larger providers in the industry now feature such promotional codes as a marketing method both to attract new customers and as a means of getting affiliates to promote their own services. But what are the best ways of using them? How can a potential buyer of hosting services really get the best out of these offers?

The first thing you should do is look at what is being offered specifically. Is there a choice of offers from the same provider? If so, then you should calculate which of the choice of website hosting discount coupons is worth more to you. For example, a host may offer one coupon which gives you the first month for one cent, or something like that, and another offer which is a percentage off the first invoice, where the first invoice may be for a month or a year, depending on the billing cycle which you choose when you sign up. Which do you go for?

Well, the hosting company isn’t stupid. It knows full well that it can attract people by offering the first month for only one cent. But it also knows that it can attract the more thoughtful people who can calculate that a percentage off the first invoice, where the first invoice covers a whole year, will be a huge discounted amount compared to the one cent offer. In fact the percentage discount offer is far and away the best deal when it comes to website hosting discount coupons, as long as the billing cycle is for a long time rather than a short time.

Also you need to look to see whether there are added savings to be made if you choose a long billing cycle over a short one. If the difference is significant then you’ll save on both the length of billing cycle (for example, a year or more) and the percentage reduction on that first billing. Make a shortlist of your preferred providers; write down the savings to be made by having long-term billing cycles, then calculate how much more you could save by applying the website hosting discount coupons. Then after you’ve done that, add up the savings relative to each provider. It would also be a good idea at this stage to compare what each provider has to offer in terms of quality of service, reputation, reliability, whether it has cPanel or not, etc., according to your own preferences and needs.

On top of the website hosting discount coupons you may find that there are other advantages of going with a particular supplier or affiliates, especially if more than one affiliate is in competition with another. So read what’s on the affiliate’s websites to see if there are any value-added extras or services which you could benefit from. These could include things like the setting up of the website itself, technical or design help, or a basic SEO service which would help your website’s rankings in the search engine results pages.

So think carefully when faced with the various website hosting discount coupons that are out there. There will be subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, differences between them which could decide whether your site is a failure or success.

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Feeling Restricted By Apple? There Is An Answer…

To be honest I never really got the whole ‘Apple hype’ when it started about 6 years ago. I think that the Apple iPhone is a pretty good device but for me it is more of a fashion statement than anything else.

I like to customize software and work with code however most Apple devices including the iPhone with its restricted iOS don’t let me do that. They are popular because they tell people that they are and this happens to every iPhone including the latest one.

However, how many of you good people know about Apple iPhone jailbreaking?

I recently did a webinar with some likeminded computer experts and the topic of jailbreaking an Apple iPhone came up. The basis of the webinar was really about restrictive software and technology and how open source is the way forward. Some of the people who took part in the discussion hadn’t really heard of jailbreaking before so I was happy to fill them in and this is why I thought this blog post would be useful.

So, what is jailbreaking and how does it help both ordinary users and those who, like me, want to edit the code and customize the device?

Basically the Apple stores aren’t going to jailbreak iPhone 5 devices.  It just isn’t going to happen. Why would Apple themselves change the default settings and mode of their iPhone? It would be like them admitting that the device could be better and actually can be better through a simple jailbreak. So this is why you need to go online to do this.

The web is full of Apple iPhone 5s jailbreaking services and a simple Google search yields dozens of results. Jailbreaking itself is hacking into the source code of the device, opening it up and leaving you with a less restrictive Apple iPhone. So, for ordinary users this means that they get much better features such as extended battery life, access to the Cydia store which acts in a similar way to the Apple App Store only bigger and a better all-round and more functional device.

For those of you who are like me and want to go deeper than this you can edit some of the code yourself, add your own customized tweaks onto the Apple iPhone and generally treat it like an Android device that has been rooted. It is really a win-win situation for ordinary Apple iPhone users and those of us who want to actually edit features ourselves.

Due to the popularity and attention that jailbreaking got at the webinar I felt that this blog update would be useful. Indeed, I am thinking of doing another webinar by myself to really spread the word about Apple jailbreaking. Like I said before, I am not against Apple per se, it is just that their devices tend to be restrictive especially to people like me.

Who knows what the future holds for Apple but many people, including myself, think that they will incorporate many jailbreaking features into their next generation iPhone’s.

I’ll update this blog again soon.

Speak to you then.

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Inventory Control for Small Businesses

I think I might be able to find a niche market for my computer skills now I have helped a friend of my Dad in his business. Rob is a contractor who is super busy in the summer, usually working on several renovation and small construction jobs at the same time. He employs two general laborers full time and then a few others plus trades people as he needs them. Some of them have their own tools, but they use Rob’s specialty saws, ladders, and even backhoes, and, of course, it is Rob who has to purchase the supplies.

His problem was not knowing where everything was at any given time. If one of the workers had to wait to phone Rob and wait again for Rob to track down a tool or a box of supplies, then go and pick it up, the amount of lost time became a serious issue. Time is money. It is also a contractor’s reputation if the work slides behind schedule.

I heard Rob complaining about his frustration to my Dad one day a few weeks ago and decided it was really an inventory control issue. I knew there were many technology solutions available to fix it. However, I also knew that Rob would not want to spend money and might not trust me to know what I was talking about. After all, I wasn’t quite finished my college computer course.

After checking with one of my instructors, I found exactly what Rob needed, whether he knew it or not. IntelliTrack puts out a user-friendly, user-developed product called ScanSeek. All I had to do was convince Rob to listen to me and go through the steps one at a time to develop an application for identifying and tracking all his tools and equipment. When I reviewed the product instructions, I thought he might even be able to do it himself, although patience was not high on his list of virtues.

Anyway, I prepped my father to sit with me while I explained to Rob how we could put together a neat package to put him in charge of all his equipment and supplies. I think the real selling point was the fact the information could be accessed via the internet. No matter where he was in the city, he just had to pull out his phone and find out who was using what equipment at what location.

Not only would he be able to deal with any emergency quickly, Rob understood quickly he would have information to deal with any misplaced items. In fact, there was even a theft prevention angle he appreciated. Some of his temporary workers were not the most reliable people in the building world.

When Dad was finally able to sit Rob down long enough to hear me out and watch the demo online, he was sold on the idea and immediately hired me as a consultant. Yay! – my first real computer consulting job. Now the ScanSeek program is running beautifully for Ron, I am using him as a reference to develop a market of small business owners who could use similar technology solutions. I think I have a career path in front of me.

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How Good Search Engine Skills Can Save You Money

I am a computer nerd. I understand problems with computers and I understand how frustrating it can be to have an issue with a piece of your technology and not be able to readily find the solutions to this problem. You want to fix your iPhone but just don’t know how. You want to fix your website but you don’t know how. You want to simply fix the error that keeps popping up on your computer but you just don’t know how. This leads you to do extensive amounts of research which in turn results in a solution to your problem. The funny thing is, normally you end up learning way more than what you ventured out for in the first place and this can prove to be very beneficial.

I tell you this because just recently this happened with me when I was searching the web. I own a home. And like the majority of homeowners, I have a large mortgage payment each month. This proves to be extremely stressful for the majority of adults and if you’re like me, you’re looking for a way to save a little extra money as well as cut down on expenses.

The other night I got done with work, came home, had dinner, and then went to work finding ways that I could cut down on expenses and free up some extra cash that I could throw into savings and start saving up for a rainy day. So I went to google and started digging and researching. Like you could expect, I found a plethora of ways to cut down on costs and raise a little extra cash.

My biggest expense is my home, obviously. So anything I can do there would be the most beneficial for me. In my research I found something called an FHA Streamline Refinance where anyone with an FHA insured home loan could refinance into a lower interest rate. More than this, it also allows you to skip a month’s payment! This sounded perfect to me. If I could skip a month’s payment it would allow me to throw my entire month’s mortgage payment into savings and let me save it for a rainy day if I ever lose my job. This was a great deal. I’m a computer nerd and can spot a great deal online when I see it.

The company, Village Capital, had great reviews on Google (which is the first thing I take a look at) as well as other social media sites. I went and looked at their Yelp as well as their Linked in, not to mention their A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These guys seemed like the real deal so I gave them a call. I was presently surprised to find that they don’t care about your credit score (which I was really worried about) and there is no re qualification. The entire refinance went so smoothly that I can’t say enough good things about it. I was able to lower my monthly payment, lower my interest rate, and skip a month’s payment.

Life is now that much easier for this computer nerd and I would recommend Village Capital to anyone with an FHA insured home loan.

Click here for Additional Information

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Why Put Barcodes on Nearly Everything?

Barcodes have become such a quintessential part of our lives that more often than not we don’t even take notice of that small patch of vertical lines with random numbers written underneath. From everyday grocery items to books, medicines, clothes, and drivers licenses, everything comes with a seemingly similar yet absolutely unique barcode. The striped graphics play a critical role in ensuring smooth operation of businesses.

As an ardent fan of the way barcoding streamlines business operations and safeguards inventory, I’d barcode everything in sight if I could. It is not really difficult. Did you know you could generate your own barcode labels using Microsoft Word?

Let’s now try to understand how barcodes are generated, read and useful in streamlining business operations.

Generating Barcodes

If you wish to barcode a small inventory of personal items or a small consignment of goods, you can do so with help of a simple program such as Microsoft Word. To generate a barcode, open a Word document and click on Tools. Select the Envelops and Labels option and enter a delivery address, if required. Proceed to options and click on delivery point barcode and finish the process by clicking on OK.

However, most business owners and managers purchase and install more sophisticated enterprise solutions. They contract with companies such as RMS Omega to install customized systems of barcode for all their inventory ranging from tools, computers, and furniture to specialized hospital equipment. There might be several hundred or tens of thousands of items and each one has a barcode printed with whatever information the user needs to track and manage the items and attached to it. It’s really quite incredible to see what’s available across all industries and how the technology is used to manage both products and work.

Barcodes Readers

A barcode scanner or reader is a handheld device used to decode information on a barcode. Today there is a wide range of different types of barcode scanners available in the markets – handheld scanners, presentation scanners, in-counter scanners, fixed mount and mobile scanners, to name a few. Of these, the mobile scanning devices are really popular owing to their greater efficiency. Such devices have the features of a PC and a barcode scanner rolled into one thereby offering greater freedom of operation to users.

I would recommend choosing the mobile devices as they are packed with advanced technological features such as internal memory, WiFi, WAN, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity and an operating system based on DOS, Windows or Palm OS, depending on the model you choose.

Reasons for Barcoding

A barcode labeling and scanning system can greatly enhance the efficiency of operations in the following ways:

  • Barcode scanning helps keep track of the business inventory. It facilitates locating stored items and keeping track of quantity of stock left.
  • It helps increase efficiency and reduce errors, which is really important in the healthcare sector. Anyone going into a hospital wants to be assured there is no way they might receive the wrong medication or be given treatment based on the results of an incorrectly labeled specimen. Printing barcodes and scanning right at the patient’s bedside eliminates errors.
  • Adding barcodes to invoices helps organize and process customer accounts.
  • Similarly, using barcode labels in return mail can help streamline dealings with suppliers and clients.
  • Putting barcode labels on fixed and moveable assets of the organization such as PCs, projectors, and laptops serves in increasing accountability and simplifying the process of audits.

I hope these few examples give you an idea of the importance of barcodes. You might not want to barcode label nearly everything in your house the way I do. However, there are very real business and safety reasons for most products to have barcodes on them.

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Level Up Blogging

family working from homeI’ve been running multiple websites for quite some time now and it has been a smooth ride until I bumped on a huge rock a couple of weeks ago. Most of my blogs are personal where I share stories and knowledge. Others are for showcasing my personal collections of computer books and old and rustic PC units and parts, thus; you may get the idea that they’re pretty basic and simple. But recently, I saw a blog a bit similar to mine; only, the owner doesn’t simply showcase his clinic of hormone therapy in Dallas but he’s gaining quite a remarkable number of patients. Many positive comments and recommendations left by his patients are highlighted in the blog and I knew that creating similar to it or similar to this other site I found: requires more knowledge and talent. While mine provides a wide array of information and collections, these medical blogs I recently bump onto provide a lot more than that.

After hours of surfing over the internet, I was able to point out which aspects I need to focus on. Whether or not I’m trying to promote medical-related services and products, which I’m obviously not, I needed to level up my blogging. This time, my main goal is to become highly visible in the internet. Indeed, my discovery to this new angle of blogging is very timely because I was just thinking of creating another blog where I’ll provide tutorial services on everything about computers – usually with regards to the hardware. More hours on the internet and I ended up reading about effective designing and marketing techniques to be on the front page of search engine sites. Just what I needed! I’ve been reading about HTML’s, PHP’s, CSS, CMS and all other codes and techniques which may be useful in creating a friendly blog that I can easily manipulate and alter in the future, in case I need to make alterations, that is.

I cannot deny that this blog issue of mine as consumed more time than I’m supposed to spend on one single blog alone. I run many blogs and I want to ensure all of them are updated; at least having 1 new content every day. But with everything that’s going on with this new and improved blog project, I ended up spending most of my time with it. a friend suggested that I hire an assistant or something – someone who is already knowledgeable about building blogs and websites, but I preferred to learn during the process.

Because this is a somewhat tutorial and consulting blog I wanted to create, I was looking for methods to make it easy for my potential customers and clients to connect with me. I saw a website of an obgyn glendale az clinic and found it very entertaining. It didn’t take long before I was able to formulate an effective technique to end up with something similar to where a video spokesperson guides viewers through the website.

Indeed, medical websites and blogs are now creating a more competitive world over the internet and so does computer-related blogs. Apparently, I’m on my way to producing my very own tutorial and consultation blog and I just can’t hide the excitement.

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Air Filter Control Via App Development


Hey everyone. So today I want to talk about a new and exciting technology that I’ve been speaking to people about recently. Basically I love exploring new ways in which computers and technology itself can assist in all aspects of our lives. People always doubt me when I speak about future technologies and how certain advancements can really impact upon even the most mundane things in our lives and air filters are one of these. Air filters? What has that got to do with computers? Well I am here to tell you about how air filters are now increasingly becoming operated via apps. No doubt the air filtration system in your home is among the most boring pieces of technology you have. In amongst your iPad and laptop you probably don’t put much thought into air filters however I recently spoke to an app developer who has been working with systems that use a 16x25x4 filter like the one shown here – and he had some exciting news for me. Air filter technology has now advanced at a rate so that by downloading an app like the one he is developing users can control their whole air filtration and purification system. Basically how it works is that the central control where your air filters are all connected to can be accessed via a downloadable app. I’m not sure if the app, or at least the technology that the app is developed from, will be made as a free download as an ‘official app’ from the air filter company or if it can be sold for a few dollars as a third party piece of software. Either way it will connect to the control panel and provide a GUI whereby the user can turn the air filters on or off and control all aspects of the system. Automation via technology is increasingly common and it is only a natural step for air filters to be next in line for this. Think about what you use technology for now that you didn’t 15 years ago? And how much of this is automated with little or no input from the user other than a few taps on the screen? Some air filter companies are actually implementing this already however my contact explained that some of this technology is not as reliable as it should be and the next generation (the app that he is currently developing) will be much better. As I said before, air filters being controlled by computers and apps probably isn’t the most exciting topic for many of you but this is where technology is heading. After my conversation with the app developer I think we are going to look at ways that I can help develop the GUI for the app given my knowledge and experience. We’ll see how it goes anyway. Like everything, air filters are becoming more reliant on computerized technology and automation and before long you will be controlling the air filters in your house with an app on your smartphone. Speak to you soon.

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Hong Kong: A Fusion of East and West

hkChinese cuisine is famous all throughout the world as it represents centuries of combining the four regions of China in regards to it’s food and cultural legacy. Chinese style cooking varies from region to region, as certain parts of China have developed independent methods of food preparations that can be distinguishable from one another in regards to taste, color and texture. Astonishingly, despite having a general basis in cooking methods, Chinese regional cuisines do have differentiated characteristics that can be identified by the way on how they are cooked which includes their flavor. When it comes to the diverseness of Chinese cuisine, there is only one place that any food connoisseur can partake the vast richness of the various flavors that Chinese cuisine is famous for, and that is Hong Kong, a fusion of east and west.

Hong Kong’s glorious history of cuisines began when the British soon established a colonial outpost way back in 1841. Hong Kong soon found itself teeming with British and Western businessmen and merchants and other Chinese traders from Guangzhou (Canton). In the early years of it’s establishment, Hong Kong society was generally separated into four distinct classes namely Westerners, Chinese locals, Farmers and fishermen and Chinese traders. The most common food preparations were leaned towards the masses which is composed of a simple cuisine for peasants.

As the social living condition in the colony improved, there became an apparent need  food services that would cater to the needs of the business class, particularly the the traders and businessmen that frequent the colony. Chinese food establishments that were operating as early as the late 19th and 20th century that were extensions of famous restaurants in Canton were offering meticulously prepared meals that were comprised of eight main courses and eight entrées respectively (Chinese Lauriat). These so called meals are comparative to a full banquets serving that it was an expensive form of gastronomical indulgence that it costs as much as a months worth of wages of an average working clerk.

During that time, meat was only partaken on festive or special occasions such as birthdays or marriages, that were mostly provided by catering services who traditionally prepare the food at the celebrants residence. Most of the food establishments that catered to Westerners were separated from the rest of the Chinese restaurants that most of the commoners go to, as one can only witness the grandeur of fine colonial dinning in places like the Hong Kong and Gloucester Hotel.

By the 1920′s, the famous Canton style of cuisines were slowly making it’s way to the Hong Kong food business establishments. Canton is one of the most renowned places where every Chinese chef dreams of learning their legendary cooking techniques. Historically speaking, Canton has a famous saying that is known all throughout China that goes, “Eat in Canton” as it lives well within the minds of every aspiring chef that has studied the refined craft of preparing food the Cantonese way. The Cantonese method of preparing food can only be described as being “meticulous and rewarding” as it does not leave any means of ignoring even the simplest form of food preparation such as con-gee or rice porridge.

To say the least that Cantonese cuisine leaves most people who had the pleasure of trying it, come back for more, is a testament to the centuries they had spent in honing their skills to perfecting their methods of cooking. It should be interesting to know that almost all chefs that had the privilege of serving the Emperors of China have in one time or another originated or have trained in Canton. Besides having the best cuisines in China, Cantonese food can also be considered as one of the most sought after and expensive foods in mainland China. Canton has a lot to offer in regards to food, but there is one cuisine that Canton is really well known for and that is braised shark’s fin in which during the early days was priced at 60 silver yuan or roughly worth 6 months pay for a working class family.

By 1949, Hong Kong saw an influx of immigrants from Shanghai and Canton respectively that sought refuge from Chinese Communists that came into power. This saw a variation on the cuisines that were usually found in most Hong Kong restaurants as some of these refugees were chefs as well and found jobs working for various food establishments all throughout Hong Kong. The integration of the different cooking styles that were infused into Hong Kong has been the foundation of it’s colorful history of how Hong Kong style cooking came to be and it is this combination of different cooking disciplines that gave Hong Kong it’s world renowned pageantry of color and flavors in regards to the foods, making it a melting pot of many cultures and traditions.

By international standards, serving sizes are considerably small compared to that of Western countries such as Canada or the United States. A traditional Chinese meal, however simple or elaborate it may be, is always accompanied by a certain type of dessert that that is always served at the end of every meal. Traditionally, desserts are served for the sole purpose of clearing off any after taste that you may have on your taste buds and always comes in the form of sweets. In Canada, some of the best Chinese restaurants that serve authentic Chinese cuisines can be found in Chinese Calgary. Calgary has has been home to Chinese immigrants for more than a hundred years, ever since they first settled there in the late 1880′s. These immigrants have bought with them the same style of Chinese cooking that is famous all around the world, whether that be Cantonese or Hong Kong style.

Regardless of cooking style, Chinese cuisine and cooking is primarily based on discipline and whole heartiness, as expounded in an ancient Chinese saying that says,“You do not cook with your skill, but you should cook with your heart and mind” might be the secret on why Chinese cuisine has an endearing world wide appeal.

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Email Marketing Basics for Lawyers

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a sales message that is received directly by a user, through their email account. Traditional marketing techniques such as television, radio and print take a spray and pray approach. Meaning you put your marketing message out, and hope that it reaches people who are actually interested in it. Whereas with email marketing, you are communicating to people who are only interested in your message.

How does email marketing work?

First, businesses collect email addresses from potential or current customers. This is usually done by some type of contact form located on a website. At some point you have probably signed up for some type of giveaway on a website. It could have been for a price quote, contest prizes, or the most frequent lure an E-book. This was all an attempt to acquire your email address so the business could marketing to you in the future.

Once they have your email address, the business usually has a marketing campaign setup on an autoresponder. An autoresponder allows you to schedule predefined email messages that will be sent to the user after sign up. For example, as an attorney could have an offer such as “5 things to ask an attorney before hiring them”. An email could be preset up which emails the user with the requested information, as well as answering them for themselves. Then a few days later another email could be sent asking them if they had any further questions or for details of their potential case. It is follow up contact like this that moves potential prospects down the sales funnel and turns them into paying customers.

How can a law firm get started with email marketing?

First, you need to find a service or software than can handle building your list of contacts. Aweber, Campaigner, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, iContact, and Benchmark all offer these services. They will allow you to collect emails, and they will assist you in sending out your followup emails. However, they will charge you a monthly service fee for their services. It is for the reason that some law firms choose to purchase their own email marketing software such as Interspire. These generally come with a one time fee and allow you to handle your collection and follow-up emails on your own. While there if a bit of a learning curve with this method, most of these companies offer great customer support to help you accomplish your goals.

What types of emails can my law firm send?

Introductory Emails: These are emails introducing yourself and your law firm. They should be friendly while remaining professional. Making the prospect feel at ease while showcasing what your firm can do for them is the key to success here.

News and Announcements: These emails inform the reader of things going on in your organization. Maybe it was featured in a magazine interview, or you won some type of award. There is no better way of informing people of these types of accomplishments, than directly in their inbox.

While email marketing takes some time, effort and cash. It is one of the best and most cost effective ways to acquire and retain customers. Following a little research, you will be up and running in no time. Good luck!

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